Monday, February 21, 2011

Dancing Wunderpuss

Wunderpuss-Octopus sp.20
The Wunderpuss is truly a rare find. Often mistaken as a Mimic Octopus. Behavior is very much the same in both animals and honestly, it hard to tell the difference without scrutinizing.
I found this one in the shallow's of Secret Bay. Getting a good tight composition is often very difficult as the critter is constantly moving erratically and flailing its arms.
 I shot several frames landscape before going portrait. I tried to capture the fluid movements of this beautiful creature waiting for just the right moment. I spotted him poking its head out from from his hole, looking like a twig as i made my approach. The octo moved into the shallows as i slowly tracked it. As it began to move and dance over the green algae i began to frame and fire.

Camera: Nikon D300s
Lens: Nikkon 60mm
Strobes: Sea and Sea ys110a at full power
Guide: Mike Bartick

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  1. Mike, you take awesome pics. I like your new site. You should sell calendars. I'd buy one!