Bluewater and Macro on the Giant stride

Southern California is showing off in terms of Visibility. We took advantage of the great viz and did a couple bluewater jumps, this time off the coast of Palos Verde or PV as we like to call it. We then hit the bio-dome for macro (dive 3) to track down "Fringehead Freddy".

Small camera table on the Giant Stride Dive Boat

Butterfly and "Scuba Bob" Nikon D850|60mm|Kraken wade angle conversion lens| YS-D3 Strobes

The water was teaming with sea butterflies and other subjects, it was cold but well worth the efforts.

Walter shooting a giant salp chain
Nikon D850|60mm|Kraken wade angle conversion lens| YS-D3 Strobes

We found giant salp chains drifting at about the 80 foot mark with even more a little deeper. The best bluewater critters are usually found deeper in Socal which makes it tough to get really even exposures but that's half the challenge!

Deeper salp and Walter |
Nikon D850|60mm|Kraken wade angle conversion lens| YS-D3 Strobes

Depending on your depth and angle of the shot, it can actually looks like a backwater dive. PV isn't our usual place for Bluewater dives. Typically the water around the PV area is much chunkier and green  not to mention the water temps are noticobly a bit lower.

Freddy the Fringhead-D850|60mm|AOI +12 Diopter

Freddy is a local resident at the Bio-Dome, although im to convinced this is Freddy, the Ciri above the eyes seem to be much larger than last week. 

Spanish Shawl with eggs-
Nikon D850|60mm|AOI +12 Diopter|Backscatter Mini flash and snoot

I can't seem to get over how striking a Spanish shawl is, there body shape and colors are too much for me to resist. This one is on eggs  and caught my eye. I was demo'ing a new diopter which really helped to frame this smaller slug really well.

Purple striped sea nettle and medusa fish 
Nikon D850|60mm|Kraken wade angle conversion lens| YS-D3 Strobes w/ dome diffuser  

I was lucky to see this lovely purple striped nettle at the end of dive 2. Just the jelly and me in the open sea, 2 drifting spirits. 

Buddy Kevin and Walter during our SI

Bluewater diving is incredible off the Socal Coastline. The Giant Stride Dive Boat, is a 6 pack charter  the owner can be reached through Facebook.

Camera Gear:

Nikon D850 | 60mm + Kraken wide angle conversion lens | 2 Sea and Sea YS-D3 Strobes

Macro shots were made with D850|60mm + AOI diopter and Backscatter Mini Flash and Snoot

Special thanks to Kraken Sports, Backscatter Underwater Photo and video, Sea and Sea and Ultralight Control systems and of Course Captain Jim on the Giant Stride.